• LTex offers services for all types of businesses, including healthcare centers, education institutes, government departments, commercial and industrial buildings, and more.
  • We provide an unbiased/independent assessment of current cabling systems
  • We promise to make the right decision about whether to upgrade or replace the existing system to save your time and money.


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Tips to check

  • Ensure fiber optic cable is not flattened or crushed
  • Cabling is fragile, always handle with care
  • Be sure to inspect fiber optic cables upon delivery
  • Do not over-bend fiber optic cables as over-bending can cause permanent damage
  • Ensure cables are neatly installed in the fiber box

Products and Services

We will offer the following:

  • Fiber optic and structured cabling inspections
  • Fiber optic and structured cabling repairs
  • Other related solutions